October 22, 2007



ooh :-( I hope you are feeling better Sharon!!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors

First time visitors, and we think you have a lovely blog, as well as your displays - very cool things!! We were just talking about the new Indiana Jones movie today - and just how hot indeed Harrison is back as his best character - so it's very funny I came across your blog tonight! Best wishes with Christmas!!
Karla and Karrie

Kitty Forseth

Woo hoo! Thanks for the pic, hee hee!

I am salivating, waiting for your open house.. need any help getting ready? Just give me a jingle!

Pinkie Denise

Oooh, I love Harrison Ford too. I hope you are
feeling better and things will go smoothly for
your open house. Pinkie Denise

Miss Maddie's

Sorry to hear you're under the weather.When everything is all set up in the shop don't forget to take lots of pics for those of us so far away!
I thought I read somewhere that you were off to visit Mickey this weekend.Just what you need to feel better! Susan

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Lidy, in the midst of all the Christmas Open House preparations, I forgot to mention that American Harvest had a nice spread in "Todays Vintage" magazine. I am glad that you saw it. We were thrilled that they highlighted us!



I hope you feel better soon! I visited my local antique mall today, and saw a beautiful article in a "antique mag" there about YOU! congrats, it was a great article.
:) take good care of yourself.

tongue in cheek

Clever post and hot is right!

Mary Isabella

Hope this note finds you feeling better. What a neat picture. Mary


Perhaps Harrison should team up with Johnny, to help you get everything in gear! Love the photo op! LOL!!!

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