July 29, 2007


Kristen R

What a fun post, we too adore Disneyland as it is only 20 miles down the road we find ourselves there quite often it truly is the most magical place on earth. Life is a banquet you are so right (Auntie Mame is the best movie isn't it)each day is such a plethora of gifts and joy!



What a fun post! Just as soon as I get grandkids we are getting a season pass. really.

I used to go all the time (it's 30 minutes away) and it really is the happiest place on earth.

ps. laughing about the $10.00 Pepsi, I told our friends we had FOUR $10.00 cokes in Paris, and they didn't believe me. So here is PROOF!!



I love these photos of you all at our favorite place in the world!
I want to come with your family next trip k? Looks like you all make it extra special together (although I'll have to skip the teacups, they make me puke--ahhhh Walt, no cure for motion sickness? Or maybe it's a kiss from Mickey that cures it?).
P.S. especially if you get into Club 33 again!


Oh Sharon I can't believe you ride the tea cups! I have a new fondness for you! Looks like you had a great time.


Your trip to Disney sounds like so much fun!! Our little visit to Tennessee's answer {aka Dollywood } pales in comparison. Have a great time with Lauren and other assorted fabulous ladies :)

Michelle Sylvia

Just found your blog! Can't wait to visit more!

My husband and I took our honeymoon at Disney...and we would choose a vacation there anyday of the week! We haven't been in a while so the time is due soon!

The Mural is in Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom right?

I'll guess on the song..."Let's go surfin now"?

Hmmm...The rock formation? Have no clue....Something to do with a bear??? That's what I see when I look at it.

How fun! THanks for the trivia...I wonder how I did??



OHMY! How could I not know you have a blog!!!

Laura K

Our family went to Disneyland for the Fourth of July. We should have invoked the "We don't do lines" rule because waiting an hour and a half for the Finding Nemo ride was definitely not worth it!

I'm pretty stumped on your trivia though...

We did several things we had never done before - we have that rule too :)

Of course the stuff I like (the live shows, Small World, Toontown) is not the same as what the kids like (thrill rides, roller coasters.)

California Adventure was fairly empty and there were no lines at all. The guys went on the big roller coaster about six times in a row.... groan....

Donna O'Brien

I'm grinning from Mickey Mouse ear to ear!! What a fun post!! And look at you guys- having the time of your lives. Really! It comes through-right through the photos. All I can say is, "I want to eat at YOUR restaurant!" Welcome back and see you in a bit!

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