June 29, 2007



Sharon, you are now possessed with blog mania. Don't worry. You will be as obsessed as the rest of us!


Sharon, you are now possessed with blog mania. Don't worry. You will be as obsessed as the rest of us!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

It is a scary thing...blogging...when you first start, but you will be hooked in no time! The one thing I have noticed about blogging is how nice and welcoming everyone is.

I love your new are by Lauren!! Heather :)

Jeremy Mattern

My mother with a computer? What's next? Are you going to pump your own gas, or perhaps use an ATM card at the grocery store?

Well, I'm impressed. Your site looks great. Remember, the force is with you... always.


your blog is lovely...and you have greatly tempted me with that lovely crown, i must have one...


Once you're in, you can't go back. Not only from the "dark side of the force" but you will fall into the "blogging hole"!

I haven't had a blog for all that long, but trust me, it is soooo fun, I can't believe how many great, caring and creative girls there are out there.

Welcome to the blogging neighborhood...I have featured your website on my blog today with Lauren's work!

ps. I don't have a laptop, just an ugly computer. I tried my best to get a prettier one, but to no avail. I am sure they have some great carrying cases in Toile...but the ones I've seen were sooo expensive. Your white is pretty, it goes with simply everything!:)



Yay Sharon!!!!!!
Now you will never have "nothing to do" ...as if that ever happens to us!! So glad you joined the neighborhood and thanks for the dolly-love! Now how about one of those margaritas??? xoxoxo N

Carole Holt

Oh my I had to come back and comment again. The photos of the dolls for the 4th are gorgeous. I am a photographer and I have to compliment you on your lovely photos. Oh how I am wanting to live in a small town!!!

Carole Holt

Hi Sharon. Welcome to the blog world! I am married to a computer geek and a few years ago he gave me his apple laptop because he wanted the new larger screen one in the silver. I have the same one you have, in white, although I wish mine was in early textiles. I LOVE the picture of it, it's just BEAUTIFUL! Apple computers are so "user friendly". Once you get into this, you will wonder how you ever did without it. I wish I could convince my friend but she won't hear of it. Hope you will visit my blog too. My taste is totally different but I think you will enjoy it. Happy day!


In case you're wondering what that little bitty box is, I tried to use the APPLE icon, but it didn't work.

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